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This website is maintained to store all the information I collected around using IT components. It’s a sort of a scrapbook and let you peek into it. The website will be permanent under construction. I’m maintaining this site to serve my own convenience. Feel free to drop a line in the Contact form.  

Normally when you configure your GMail app on your Android device with outlook.com, the account will be configured as an IMAP-account. The downside of this is that you can’t synchronize the contacts. To be able to do so, the account has to be configured as an Exchange account. The following steps describe how to do […]

Today I received a mail from SymForm announcing that they will discontinue the SymForm Service on July 31, 2016: Announcement: Symform Service To Be Discontinued On July 31, 2016 Dear Symform Customer, At Quantum, we strive to make great products that deliver a great user experience and solve key business problems. At the same time, […]

Lately I received my new Microsoft Surface Pro. It’s an awesome device with very powerful specifications; it has an i7 Processor. The drawback of this is that this processor is a power consuming one when using the device on battery. I had the idea that it would be nice to reduce the processor power when […]

Some types of Synology are able to run VirtualBox as a hypervisor. With a hypervisor you are able to run a virtualized computer as if it was a physical computer. The Package Center resource http://spk.diablos-netzwerk.de offers a package for Synology DistStations with the following architecture: x86, cedarview, bromolow, evansport, avoton and braswell. If you want […]

A Zarafa user using Outlook 2010 complained that he suddenly was unable to reply to a message from a mailbox from another user he had access to. When he clicked ‘reply’ in Outlook the only vague message he gets was: The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found. The message isn’t very informative; […]