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This website is maintained to store all the information I collected around using IT components. It’s a sort of a scrapbook and let you peek into it. The website will be permanent under construction. I’m maintaining this site to serve my own convenience. Feel free to drop a line in the Contact form.  

Today I received a mail from SymForm announcing that they will discontinue the SymForm Service on July 31, 2016: Announcement: Symform Service To Be Discontinued On July 31, 2016 Dear Symform Customer, At Quantum, we strive to make great products that deliver a great user experience and solve key business problems. At the same time, […]

Lately I received my new Microsoft Surface Pro. It’s an awesome device with very powerful specifications; it has an i7 Processor. The drawback of this is that this processor is a power consuming one when using the device on battery. I had the idea that it would be nice to reduce the processor power when […]

Some types of Synology are able to run VirtualBox as a hypervisor. With a hypervisor you are able to run a virtualized computer as if it was a physical computer. The Package Center resource http://spk.diablos-netzwerk.de offers a package for Synology DistStations with the following architecture: x86, cedarview, bromolow, evansport, avoton and braswell. If you want […]

A Zarafa user using Outlook 2010 complained that he suddenly was unable to reply to a message from a mailbox from another user he had access to. When he clicked ‘reply’ in Outlook the only vague message he gets was: The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found. The message isn’t very informative; […]

After more than four years (24/7) of serving my storage needs in my DiskStation, two of my five disks are showing symptoms of being worn out. They started showing bad blocks and therefore became a risk to my precious data. The unit was still working OK and as long as that is the situation I […]