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This site is meant to serve my own convenience. You are free to use the links. No suggestions can be made. There is no software on this side. No liability will be taken if you damage your computer by the information you found on this site or through one of the links you used from this collection.

Of course is this site still under construction. (And probably remains under construction) For the many years I surfed around on the Internet I couldn’t imagine what I probably could add to the huge amount of stuff what was already there. In my opinion there is enough trash on the Internet and I could not figure out what kind of trash I could add. Lately I decided to create this site for my own and not for the Internet users. For a couple of years the portals became popular and it didn’t take long before they were polluted with all kind of add-trash. (Where is the time that the internet was almost out of adds and pop-ups and you could freely surfing around without having to pay for every this and that.) Now every portal is nagged with adds. So I have to create a portal on my own. You are very lucky you found this site. I didn’t add my site to any search engine. I didn’t pay any search engines either to get to the first five relevant found sites.

You are free to use the images used on this site. However they are protected against hot-linking, so download them and host them yourself and do not consume my bandwidth without having the visitors. If you want to use (parts of) the content hosted on my site, you are welcome to do so under one condition: you have to mention the source including the link of the source. If you have any questions about the use of the content of this site, you can contact me with a message in the Contact form.

The frequency of updating this site is very uncertain. Just when I feel I have to update and have some lost minutes left I will take a peek.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.