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This post is about adding a dummy Phone to your Fritz. This can be usefull to those who are using a Fritz!Box without a physical Phone attached to their Fritz and want to enable the telnet function of the Fritz. How that is done is explained at the end of this post. Keep in mind that when you are done with your telnet session on your Fritz, you turn off the telnet functionality for obvious security reasons. That is also explained at the end of this post. Now lets create a dummy phone.

  1. Log in into the webinterface of your Fritz.
  2. go to the Thelephony menu and select Telephony Devices
  3. Click on the Configure New Devices button
  4. When you already have a phonenumber defined in your Fritz, you can continue with step 5.
    1. You became a message stating you haven’t define an own phonenumber. Click on the OK button to continue.
    2. Select Set up fixed-line number and click the Next button
    3. Select the opposite of the linetype you use and click the Next button. (To avoid the risk of possible problems with your regular phoneline.)
    4. Enter a fake phonenumber in the first free postion and click the Next button.
    5. Click the Continue button.
  5. Click on the Next button in the Configure Telephony Device screen. The Telephone (with or without answering machine) will do.
  6. Select FON1 and enter a name for your dummyphone. Click the Next button.
  7. Fritz checks if the configuration is correct and asks if the Phone is ringing. Of course it is, it isn’t there. So answer this question by clicking the Yes button.
  8. Select the (only) given (fake)number to conduct the calls and click the Next button
  9. Select accept calls for the following numbers only and deselect the fakenumber. Click the Next button.

Your dummy phone is ready to use. Now we can take the necessary steps to give this dummyphone a function. To do this we use the Fritz’s own phonebook:

  1. Select Telephony in the main menu and select Telephone Book.
  2. Click the New Entry button
  3. Give the entry a meaningfull name: Enable telnet
  4. Enter as private number #96*7
  5. Click OK to save the entry in the phonebook.
  6. Click the New Entry button again to make the disable entry.
  7. Enter Disable telnet as name.
  8. Enter #96*8* as private number.
  9. Go to the tab Click to Dial in Telephone book
  10. Enable the Use Click to Dial and select the dummyphone you created before.
  11. Click the Apply button.

Now you can use your phonebook to dial the codes to enable and disable the telnet function of your Fritz.