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DSM, the interface of the famous Synology NAS, has an AppStore. Synology named it Package Center.

This is a tool to install extra functionality on your NAS. Fortunately this is not restricted to the apps that are provided by Synology, but also lets third parties integrate their package repository. You can achieve this by adding a link to the repository of another provider of packages. Open the Package Center and click the Settings button. After that you select the third tab: Package Sources.

A big ‘thank you’ goes to Peter Liefhebber who made a substantial and valuable contribution to extend the list of repositories.

Click the Add button and enter a name and the url to the repository. Click on Ok to confirm the entry.

Be aware that the packages aren’t tested by Synology and that the quality of the packages may vary. However the most of them can add valuable functionality to your Synology. For your convenience I collected some repositories. The links below brings you directly to the repository url. Cut and paste these url in your Package Center. Have fun with it.

Click on the link. It will open in a new tab or browser. Copy the url from there.

There are also some interesting sites without a repository service but interesting enough to list it here:

To determine witch archive you have to download check the Wiki-page on the international Synology forum.

If you have a repository witch isn’t listed here, feel free to share it with me by dropping a line in the Contact form. It can be found in the About menu.

TIP: I saw a great tip for them who want to save their 3th party Package Sources. If you reinstall your DiskStation, you have to enter all your package sources again. I found a post in the dutch Synology forum from Birdy: The packages are stored in a file: /usr/syno/etc/packages/feeds. You can save this file to an external medium.