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I started using a cloud backup solution to have a disaster recovery when a fire or a burglary ‘hits’ my nas. Sadly, the last thing happens to me recently a while ago. I have had the luck the burglars didn’t took my nas. I then realized, I would probably not┬áhave that luck the next time. The solution I choose then was SymForm. The concept fits my needs.

Unfortunately, there is an issue that eats up the CPU approximately every two weeks. SymForm knows about this and will fix this in the near future. Meanwhile I have to deal with this. It is save to kill this process. But how do I know what PID this process has? The resource monitor of the nas does not give a clue.

To find the PID I used ‘top’ in an ssh session. Top displays a ‘sort of’ task manager that shows live the action going on. The first column shows the PID of the process. This PID can be used with the ‘kill’ command. After that the buggy process was gone. This avoided a restart for the complete nas for me.

Meanwhile I hope SymForm fixes this soon.