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There is a way to get a debug-log from your Synology diskstation witch can be helpfull when your Diskstation shows some unexpected behaviour you can’t explain.

For user using DSM 3.0 -1285 or DSM 4.x. (Does not work on DSM 5.x):

  1. Log into the DiskStation Manager as admin.
  2. The URL will look similar to :
  3. After you are logged in add ‘?diagnose=debug’ to the URL. It will then look like:
  4. Press Enter to save the file.

The file is in gz-format and can be opened with 7zip or WinRar.

DSM 5 users have a function for this in the Main Menu:

  1. Open ‘Support Center’ from the ‘Main Menu’.
  2. Choose ‘Support Services’.
  3. Click the button ‘Generate logs’. This will start a download from the file debug.dat.

The ‘debug.dat’ file is a compressed file and can be opened with 7zip or WinRar.

Include hibernation logging

You can include logging from the hibernation to troubleshoot. You have to set a parameter to do so:

  1. Start Putty or your other favorite terminal client. (How to use Putty is described here.)
  2. type syno_hibernate_debug_tool –enable 1 and press Enter.
  3. Close Putty. (After enabling the log, please do not access your Disk Station or run downloading or other services on DiskStation. When the hibernation time has passed, then you can begin to retrieve the log messages. It’s best that you can enable the hibernation debug before going to bed. After you wake up the next day.)
  4. Get your Synology debug log as described above, at the start of this post.
  5. Start Putty to disable the debug logging of hibernation.
  6. type syno_hibernate_debug_tool –disable and press Enter. (If you forget to close this function, it will keep logging these debug messages until the system has been rebooted, and the /var/log/messages will fill up with hibernation log messages.)

Source: Synology Inc. Online Community Forum