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The mailserver of Synology’s DSM is a fine pice. I use it now for some time with BSMTP. There were some minor issues I would like to solve. One of them is modifying some aliases witch can’t be changed with the user interface; postmaster, root and webmaster.

First, make sure there is an account and an alias (assigned to that account) that will be used to deliver the mail. In this example I use admin as an alias and assigned it to an account.

The aliases are stored in a textfile and must be edited. Open an SSH console and open the file with:

vi /var/packages/MailServer/target/etc/aliases

We have to make some modifications in this file. The first thing is to make sure that the root account cannot be mailed. Root NEVER should receive mail! To accomplish this find the following line, remove the # before root and assign the account to be used for root. In this case admin:

# Person who should get root's mail. Don't receive mail as root!
root:        admin

The second modification is adding or changing the alias for the webmaster:

webmaster:   admin
postmaster:  admin

Save the alias file.

Before these modifications will be effective, the new aliases must be stored and Postfix must be made aware of these changes. Type in the SSH console the following commands to achieve this:

/var/packages/MailServer/target/sbin/postfix reload

Other ‘system aliases’ also can be changed with this procedure. Day-to-day aliases can be managed with the user interface of Synology in DSM.