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Today I received a mail from SymForm announcing that they will discontinue the SymForm Service on July 31, 2016:

Announcement: Symform Service To Be Discontinued On July 31, 2016

Dear Symform Customer,

At Quantum, we strive to make great products that deliver a great user experience and solve key business problems. At the same time, we periodically evaluate our products and services in the context of our overall strategic goals and direction.

With this in mind, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue our Symform storage cloud services as of July 31, 2016. We appreciate the many customers who have used and contributed to the Symform service.

We have put together a detailed plan to support Symform customers and partners throughout this transition. For more information, check out the Symform Community site and related FAQs.

Your Symform Team

The current version (4.20) of SymForm on my NAS works like a charm! Also the support is reachable again. The story below is outdated.

SymForms is a one of a kind Cloud backup solution that can be used on your Synology Diskstation to backup your precious data. It’s a p2p solution that doesn’t use datacenters. The concept is based on the fact that people never use their complete capacity of their storage. There is an alternative way to pay for your cloud storage: donate bytes from your local storage. You’ll get 50% cloud storage in return for the space you donate on your local storage. Symform slices your data in 96 chunks and distributes it all over the world. Check here to let SymForm self explain it to you. I also found another article here that evaluates SymForms security concept.

So, yes I’m enthusiast about SymForm. It’s an affordable way to have an off-site backup of my valuable data. It supports a width range of devices and operating systems: Synology, Netgear ReadyNAS, Qnap, Windows, Mac and Linux. I use it on a Synology. To offload the SymForm data from my Diskstation, I use an external USB hard drive attached to the Diskstation. This hard drive is my primary destination for the backup jobs of my Diskstation. The SymForm client synchronizes this backup data to the offsite SymForm cloud. The USB drive also contains the folder with disk  space donated to SymForm. With this method I keep my NAS as private as possible.

EDIT: It seems that Symform has fixed the memory leakage. With my current verion of the Symform client ( it seems that the software behaves itself normal. I havent seen ‘explosions’ in memory usage or processor usage. I will monitor this and get back here when something changes. Therfor the following is obsolete, but stays there for archiving purposes.

EDIT: Unfortunatly I just found out that SymForm was resource hungry again. I re-activated the task schedules.

EDIT: It seems thatSymForms client on my DiskStation started to behave it self again. The current version is:

Currently there is an issue with the client for Synology. (This also may apply to other NAS devices.) There seems to be a memory leak in the software. In a couple of days the memory usage literally explodes and drains my Diskstations resources. It usually starts with a couple of megabytes, but after a few days it can consume more than a gigabyte! (And that can really ruin your day.) This forces me to restart the SymForm package every other day manually in the Package Center. The other option is stop using SymForm, but that leaves me without an offsite backup.

I trust the people of SymForm they will fix this sooner or later. Meanwhile I have to automate the stopping and starting of the SymForm client. Fortunately has a feature for that: Task Planner. Task Planner is located in the Control Panel.

You’ll need to create 2 tasks. Three to stop the SymForm processes, one to kill the SymForm Log uploader and three to start the SymForm processes again you stopped earlier. I configured it as daily User-defined script tasks as following:

Start User Task name Action
Stop Symform Sync
/*/@appstore/Symform/SymformNode.sh restart
Kill SymForm LogUploader
kill $(ps -w |grep symformloguploader|grep -v grep|awk "{print \$1}")

This applies to the client version 3.18.0 (?) of SymForm. If the people of SymForm fixes the memory leak, you can simply disable these task. Until then you can have the best of both worlds: Keep using SymForm without the risk that the client software is eating your NAS resources.